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Laser Hair Removal


James D.

“I had an amazing experience at Enhance Image's new float deprivation tanks! The atmosphere was incredibly peaceful, and I found the session to be both relaxing and rejuvenating. I can't wait to return for another session, its truly worth every penny. If you are seeking tranquility and ability to unwind, I highly recommend giving these float tanks a try."
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Lori M.

“Facility is stunningly beautiful. All the details have been thought out with your rest and recharge in mind."
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Terri A.

"This was the best!! I had a massage and a facial. Both of the technicians were just wonderful. They were very skilled at what they do. They made me fell welcome and pampered."
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Jennifer M.

“The owner and the staff were very professional, kind and accommodating. They have excellent customer service and made my husband and I feel very welcomed. They went above and beyond to ensure we had a great a great experience. They have a wonderful facility that makes you feel pampered."
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Enhance Image, LLC.

5351 Sunset Boulevard

Lexington, SC 29072


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Wed - Fri

9:00 am – 6:00 pm


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